Wildlife Retreats

Our three-day retreats provide an incredible opportunity for veterans, who are returning to civilian life after suffering physical and/or mental trauma. We offer support during the healing process by providing a safe haven and time to bond with other veterans.

The retreats, which are fully funded by St. Michael's, would not be possible without the philanthropic commitment of generous individuals and corporations. All contributions — including those generated through seasonal events, Iron Horse Farms, and Iron Horse Steel — directly serve our veterans as they utilize the Wildlife & Hunting Retreats to acclimate back into society.

By donating today, you can support these deserving veterans, who have sacrificed everything for our country. We are incredibly thankful for our donors, and we always have room for more!

What’s included in a retreat:

  • A three-day, all expenses paid, stay at Iron Horse Farms for disabled men and women veterans

  • Cabin-style accommodations

  • Meals and snacks provided

  • Wildlife expert tours

  • Exploration of 2,000+ acres of wild and farm land

  • Hunting and fishing trips (equipment included)

  • Groups usually consist of 5-15 veterans per retreat


ADA Compliant

Our facilities for housing, hunting, + fishing activities are ADA compliant. We have a number of wheelchair accessible hunting stands and piers so all guests can fully enjoy their time on Iron Horse Farms. Our field guides are equipped with all terrain vehicles to transport anyone in need.


day-to-day retreat overview

While we offer a variety of different hunting + wildlife retreats, each retreat is structured similarly for each group of veterans that visit us. All of our retreats take place at Iron Horse Farms, located in Marion, Alabama, and involve our dedicated team of individuals who’ve worked hard to create a peaceful and engaging experience for all who join us at the farm.

Learn more about the day-to-day breakdown of each retreat below.


Our retreats traditionally start on a Thursday or Friday. Veterans are greeted by Iron Horse Farms staff or a volunteer who has participated in a St. Michael’s retreat before. Veterans have the opportunity to tour the farm and its facilities.

After their tour, they can pick their sleeping accommodations (which are shared rooms with bunks in them), and the zero is checked on any firearms brought by retreat attendees.

The first afternoon is a time for fellowship and bonding, as we share a group meal in the dining room and discuss: the itinerary, safety policies, and applicable rules.


For the first full day of the retreat, we will gather for a continental breakfast and pre-activity meeting in the kitchen. For hunting activities, everyone will be assigned to a guide and stand during the breakfast meeting. Guests will depart by vehicle or motorized buggy to their hunting areas and will return around 9:30-10am to enjoy a full breakfast/brunch in the dining room.

Brunch is a wonderful time, filled with stories of the morning hunt. Photos are exchanged, any harvested game is tended to, and the veterans build camaraderie among their new friends.

+ Evening

Guests are served a light lunch as they make preparations for the evening hunts and are assigned areas for the afternoon. After spending a day in their respective areas, guests return with more stories to share, and many lucky hunters also return with harvest deer.

After a home-cooked dinner and southern-inspired desserts, guests unwind around a roaring campfire.

Days 2, 3,
+ Beyond

Sleep, wake up, and repeat! Each day is filled with fine food and fun.


All meals and sleeping accommodations are provided by St. Michael’s. We also secure hunting licenses, and if any game is harvested, it is packaged for travel. If time permits, the game can be completely processed.


Gold Star Retreats for Families

Gold Star Foundation that supports the family members of U.S. Military members killed in action. St. Michael’s hosts retreats for God Star families at Iron Horse Farms and provides a number of resources and fun experiences for kids and families alike. Generous donors have provided fishing gear, clothes, and other useful items for our Gold Star retreat attendees.

If you would like to donate for our next retreat, please send an email to merrily@ironhorsefarmsal.com for more information.