Testimonials from veterans


Ryan Jackson

OIF Veteran Retired

“Just being at Iron Horse is a completely relaxing experience. The people involved with the program make you feel at home with their overwhelming hospitality. Being surrounded by other veterans and the great people that make Iron Horse happen is what truly makes this program what it is ... perfect in every way!”



Brian Fulford

Sgt. USMC Retired

“The farm is the only place besides my home that I can lay my head down at night and feel safe.”



Patrick Skinner

US Army Retired

“When I go back home, my wife has told me I seem at peace. It has really helped our relationship a lot. I have learned a lot about the outdoors and hunting from the volunteers at the farm. Being a part of the retreats is a country boy's dream.”


Jeremy Cook

US Army Retired

“The past year (15 months) has been amazing. I've been able to harvest amazing animals and have met amazing people. My daughter met her best friend and was able to harvest her first deer (first animal) ever. She also got hooked on fishing and her and her best friend Jaycee Terrill caught an all you can eat fish dinner on multiple occasions. 

Just over a year ago Charlie Terrill put me in a tree stand with my new bow and I was able to harvest a pig on my first morning hunting. This past weekend things came full circle as I assisted a veteran in making a quality deer harvest. That was followed up by a successful hog hunt with one of my best friends. 

St. Michael's Iron Horse Charities changed my life. From hunting and fishing to chickens, horses, goats and cows. This is a place that puts everything into Wounded Warriors and veterans. They even support Gold Star Families and the local community they are in.”


Testimonials from Charities

Sherry McLaughlin

King’s Home

“For 45 years King’s Home has sought to provide Christ-centered homes and services in which compassion and competence combine to meet the needs of hundreds of youth, women, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and homelessness. 

Through our specialized youth programs, we offer hope to these boys and girls by providing spiritual developmenteducational assistance and counseling services to help them succeed in life.

Thanks to the EXTRAVAGANT GENEROSITY of those who support St. Michael's Iron Horse Charities, our 80+ youth are celebrated as individuals each Christmas and on their birthdays! They get to create their own unique "wish list" each year- and receive many of the quality items that they have picked out! This type of individual attention through gift giving is completely foreign to most of our youth. Both Christmas and Birthdays have become a time of great anticipation and fun for our youth at King's Home, helping replace painful memories with joyous experiences.

Last year, when writing out her Christmas list, Kat expressed that she didn't believe she would receive any of the items that she really wanted, the same as every year. Kat was a new resident at King's Home at the time and figured she may not receive anything at all that year since she hadn't lived here long. She was ecstatic when she opened up her gifts on Christmas morning to find the exact Kindle Fire with a bright pink case she had specifically requested. She teared up and said it was the first time she had ever received a gift that she actually picked out.

This attention to the individual is what separates St. Michael's Iron Horse from others. The extra effort that's put forth to shop for each of our 80+ youth by name is quite amazing, not to mention the time, organization and attention to detail this requires. 

Thank you so much for making Christmas and Birthdays a unique celebration for our youth at King's Home!”